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About Janey Sharratt

About Janey

Janey’s pictures have their beginnings in a previous career spent considering spaces and spatial relationships.
Rather than a literal, pictorial or intellectual approach her paintings display an instinctive and visceral reaction to the subject of spatial relationships generated by deep inner feelings - in this sense they explore a reality that exists in the same way that an emotion does. 
The paintings describe a reality that is present, can be sensed and perceived - but not ‘seen’ in a literal sense.
Inspired by a direct response to the spaces and volumes of a familiar range of containing vessels her paintings evolve through an intuitive and iterative process.
A deeply developed awareness of the emotional power of colour has always been a feature of Janey’s work and to this she has now developed an equally sensitive and sensual involvement with the materiality of the paint medium. Lacquer like layers of translucent pigment imply deep still waters, at times barely concealing underlying statements – while at others they are deliberately worked into to expose and lay them bare.
Together these characteristics imbue these experimental works with a deepening, and more personal expression of her response to space – and of her inner self.