Janey is happy to undertake portrait or landscape commissions….

In the case of a portrait commission she will visit and get to know the subject. Probably one or two visits will suffice and during the course of these sessions she takes photos to remind her of important gestures and expressions and generally explores ideas of composition and clothing.

She then plays with the images on computer until she has something that seems to capture the personality of the sitter. These images will then become the starting point for sketches performed directly onto the canvas, followed by oil paint in a series of layers, the background colour being an extremely important aspect of the final picture.

In the case of a commissioned land or seascape, the photographic reminders are again the starting point and the view will be arranged and simplified on the canvas in an exploratory and experimental way. A triptych is often a solution to a problem of extent or openness and many of Janey’s pictures work as a set of three.

When working for herself on her still life ideas she works directly onto the canvas, surrounded in her studio by her various collections of familiar and meaningful objects. Ceramic bowls and glass bottles and gifts from family and friends all provide a constant source of inspiration and particular favourites can be seen again and again.